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Did You Know: To Do Lists and Online Calendar Work Together.

Did You Know

Did you know that your To Do Lists and Online Calendar on findandremind are completely integrated? When you create To Do Lists on findandremind, either for yourself or that you assign to others, when you assign a Due Date the To Do Tasks show up on your online calendar, and also on the online calendar of the person you assigned the To Do Task! Say you’re a school administrator, and need some people from your [...]


Free To Do List Template

To Do List

Download your Free To Do List template. For those times when you just need the satisfaction of checking off that little box next to a job well done! Find the turbo-charged version of To Do Lists (hint: they’ll talk to your online calendar) when you sign up for findandremind’s free membership. Download your free Free To Do List Template (2 up on a page)


Online To Do List

Join Today for your amazing Online To Do List tracker, and get organized in a snap! Even assign tasks to others and get notified when complete! Finally what you plan on doing may actually get done!  FREE TEXT ALERTS AND MOBILE APP! Organize and take command of your busy family and community life with Findandremind®, the all-in-one task management application that features an online To Do list, an Online Calendar with reminders for yourself and everyone [...]


Introduction to the Online To Do List Tracker


Findandremind’s user-friendly website includes every possible tool one could think of to keep track of important dates, meetings, holidays, and even recurring events as well. Truly an all-in-one schedule manager, the findandremind online organization solution has many different features, including an online to-do list tracker. Some of the amazing features of the “to-do” list section include: automatic reminders for current to-do list items the ability to assign tasks to other registered users a search function that [...]