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Schedule Builder

Sign Up for your FREE Schedule Builder and create an entire season’s schedule on one screen…and share it on everyone’s personal or group calendar with a click! Findandremind’s Schedule builder enables you to enter an unlimited list of events, all at the same time, on one screen! All the formatting is done – you only have to complete the fields for name, date and location. Once you enter your series of events, it goes straight to [...]


I’m an Organization, or a Staff Member (school/teacher, church/temple, non-profit, business, etc.) and just logged in for the first time…what do I do now?


Complete your Profile…hover your cursor over your little profile photo thumbnail at the top of your screen and click “Personal Profile” and then click “Edit Personal Profile” (e.g. enter info about your organization, upload a logo or photo, or just enter your personal info…you can control what everyone in your groups sees on your Profile via your Edit Personal Profile page). Your profile can be formal or informal, depending on how you want your contacts [...]