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I’m a PARENT and want to organize my family life and connect with other families!

Simple 1-2-3-4 basic setup (so fast and easy you won’t believe it!):

  1. Sign up for FREE and setup your profile.  Then take a quick tour of your organizing and networking Command Center.
  2. Click “Create a Group Link” and create a Group home page for your Family (like a private website “hub” for all messages, events, photos, and more!).  You can create other Group Link “hubs” too for any of your activity groups, classroom, church/temple group, etc. anytime you want!
  3. Add your family members!…Simply paste their email addresses into the “Share with People” Assistant and send!
  4. Start using your private Command Center to organize and coordinate everything for yourself and with your Groups!  Invite all your friends onboard too!

Organize and Coordinate Your Family with findandremind

What will you do with findandremind?

  • Organize your personal events on your private Online Calendar with automated reminders.
  • Create Private Group home pages (Group Links, like private group websites) with a Shared Calendar for your family, classroom, team, etc. and post events, messages, photos, blogs, and more!
  • Coordinate parties and send beautiful rsvp e-cards.
  • Organize your tasks with Online To Do Lists.
  • Share Online Sign Up Sheets to organize team snack duties, award banquets, event volunteers, class helpers, carpools to any event…
  • Schedule playdates for your kids.

Get started now! It’s free to join and easy to use!

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