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Simple 1-2-3-4 basic setup (so fast and easy you won’t believe it!):

  1. Sign Up for FREE and setup your profile.  Then take a quick tour of your private organizing and networking Command Center where all your networking tools are awaiting.
  2. Click “Create a Group Link” to create a Group home page for your staff and congregation (like a private website “hub” for all messages, events, photos, and more for just this group!).  You can add as many groups as you like later.
  3. Simply paste your members’ email addresses into the “Add People” Assistant and click Send to bring members into your Group Link!
  4. Now you have your first Group Link page for your staff and congregation to share info in one spot where you’re all connected!  And all that info is pushed out to everyone’s own personal Command Center too!

Organize and Coordinate Your Family with findandremind

What will you do with findandremind?

  • Create private Group Link home pages (Intranets) for your congregation to centralize all communication.
  • Create sub-Group Links to organize bible study classes, staff meetings, youth groups…
  • Coordinate all events on a Shared Calendar that’s connected to each member’s own private calendar so everyone stays informed in realtime.
  • Post Online Sign Up Sheets to organize volunteers for fundraiser events and easily track who’s attending.
  • Use your Command Center (with private online calendar and more!) to organize and track everything going on in your life too!

Get started now! It’s free to join and easy to use!

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