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Create an Online Group with Online Calendar and link to your website! Now you can have your own social network and Online Calendar for your members.

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What’s really cool about online Group Links is that each one you create is actually its own social network, kind of like a “meeting place” for your group, where you can view or send information to all the Group Link members in one handy spot.  And every home page has a Shared Online Calendar so all your group members stay well-informed.

Easy steps to setup a Group Link home page with Shared Online Calendar, and ADD TO YOUR WEBSITE!:

  • First, hover over the red Create button on your dashboard and choose “Group Link” from your dashboard.

  • Second, choose the “Open” option at the bottom of the assistant screen that follows, and continue creating the details of your group (don’t forget to add logo/photo!).

  • Third, once your Group Link is created, you’ll see a “Share” button at the top right of the group home page.  Click it, and take the URL and put on your website! Many of our users create a “portal logo” to put on their site and embed the URL. Your viewers will be impressed that you have your own social network!
  • Now anyone who clicks on the link can join your Group page and view the shared online calendar! And because your Group Link page is also your own social network, you can interact with all your members, share info, post events, and more in one handy place!
  • Includes settings to allow only you to add events, messages, etc., or allow group members to post info too.  It’s up to you!
Your Group’s Online Calendar. Here’s what your viewers will see when they click on your calendar link…
                                                         findandremind shared calendar screenshot
With Findandremind, you also get your own private Personal Online Calendar. And all your group events show up on it too!
                                         Online Calendar Schreenshot - click to enlarge

It’s easier than ever to keep all your group members literally on the same page, so why wait?

Sign up now to better connect with your members, or click here to take a tour and see all the other amazing organizing tools you can have!

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