Automatic Sharing of Schedules With Your Group!

“I just reduced my stress tremendously (and for other school parents) by entering our school’s calendar of events, holidays, teacher conference dates and more for the year onto their findandremind Group Link homepage in just a few minutes!”

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What’s so great about that is when school families join our findandremind school group, the events immediately show up on their findandremind calendar without lifting a finger! And they can export their findandremind calendar to iCal, Outlook, or Google. Everyone gets automated reminders, and when event details are changed by the group organizer, everyone’s calendar is updated automatically! Now I always know when there’s a minimum day at school, a bake sale fundraiser, an open house…and never miss out!

With the new school year coming just around the corner, we’re all scrambling to get the school schedule, find out who our teachers are, coordinate carpools, and more. Just a stressful time for everyone, and getting everyone’s calendar synced for the year helps so much!

Because I’m already scheduling my other personal and family events, coordinating my other activity groups, work schedule, and everything else in my findandremind Command Center, it’s so great not to have to go to another place for tracking our school’s schedule too! And I link in my children’s sports league groups, church groups, and more so I’m online with everyone in the same place! It really helps reduce the daily chaos for me!

Setup your school’s group calendar today!

I think of findandremind as my online organizer and coordinator for everything in my life. After all, that’s why I created it…to help families, teams, and group leaders everywhere not only track their own personal events, but coordinate together in one handy place! That’s the secret sauce!

Invite all the people and groups important to you onto findandremind and discover how much more productive you can be. Findandremind does all my scheduling for me, and I’m more in touch with people and important events in my life than ever! Stay active with findandremind and you’ll see!


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