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Daybreak Family Church

Rick Smith, Pastor

# Members: 225


How do you use findandremind?

Organizing staff and scheduling services

Shooting Stars

Cylde Jenkins, Director

# Members: 37

Non-Profit Organization

How do you use findandremind?

Organize volunteers for fundraiser events and manage donation lists

NextMove Real Estate

Clint Wade, Owner

# Members: 12


How do you use findandremind?

Scheduling client meetings

Youth Sports Coalition

Colby McClatchy, Local Organizer

# Members: 115

Sports League

How do you use findandremind?

Tracking the league schedule

Shelby Vally Wildcats

Scott Herd, Head of School

# Members: 175

High School

How do you use findandremind?

Sharing all school info and events with parents

Adam Rosal

Adam Rosal, Student

# Members: Self


How do you use findandremind?

Organize and tracked class schedule, homework and organized carpools to ‘away’ sporting events. 

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