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Organize from your COMMAND CENTER

Finally a SINGLE place to do all your Organizing, Coordinating, and Networking! With your private and secure online organizer and networking tool you can coordinate everything for your family, activity groups, classroom/school, organization, or all of the above! Now that you have your own “Command Center”, you can easily get your schedule in order and coordinate with others…and actually have a bunch of fun doing it!

findandremind command center - click to enlarge

  • “Realtime” Calendar.
    Your private calendar where it’s so easy to record events and send to others! When event details change, every guest’s calendar updates in “realtime”! Also export to Outlook, iCal, or Google!
  • Message Center.
    Create and view all your messages and event invites, with search buttons so you can find stuff fast!
  • To-do’s.
    Create and track your To-do lists and even assign to others!
  • Private Groups.
    Create, view, and track all your Private Groups. Just click a Group to enter it!
  • “Create” section.
    Build all your Groups, Events, and Signup Sheets using the easy “Assistant” steps.

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Create Private GROUPS

Build your own “Group Networks” and connect your family and friends, school classroom, sports league, church/temple, association…all in one central place! Each Group Link gets its own Home Page, like a communication “hub” for all group messages, events, photos, and more! Works great as a SHARED CALENDAR! Create Private Groups, or “Open” groups for people to join. Now search for your School or Church/Temple Group near you and join the community waiting for you!

findandremind group links

  • Message Forum.
    Post messages on the group message board, and even attach files (e.g. flyers)… bye bye scattered emails, and members never lose info!
  • Shared Calendar.
    Post Events or Signups and all group members can view on the Group Calendar!
  • Post Blogs.
    Add micro-message boards to organize topics.
  • Store Notes and Files.
    so group members can view anytime (e.g. group contacts, documents)
  • Add sub-Groups.
    Link groups together! (e.g. “classroom” sub-groups under a “school” group).
  • Photo Album.
    Upload photos and share with group members!

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Your Amazing CALENDAR

Track events for your family, classroom/school, any organizations you’re with, activity groups…all from ONE private calendar! Also, all the Group calendars you’re a member of “filter down” to your private calendar…Just choose a Group Link name and “flip” your calendar to that group’s events! When event details change, every guest’s calendar updates automatically! Try the “Drag ‘n Drop” Reminder Stickies for quick recording of events and things to do!

findandremind online calendar screenshot

  • Quick-Add Events.
    Simply click a date, enter events, and invite others!
  • Sort by Groups.
    choose a Group from the dropdown and see only that Group’s events!
  • Realtime Recording.
    New Events, Signup Sheets, and To-do’s go straight to your calendar and auto update!
  • Add a Schedule.
    Enter a bunch of events at the same time…great for entering a sports schedule or school events!
  • Export Events.
    Easily upload your findandremind calendar to iCal, Outlook, or Google Cal.
  • Tag your kids to events.
    Every event shows your children’s names (only you see) to tag to the event, so you know “who is doing what”!

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Track alerts in your MESSAGE CENTER

Bye by scattered emails! Finally one organized place to send and receive all your messages and view your reminders where they don’t get lost! Each message contains a graphic icon so you can quickly see what type of notifications are coming in. Also find all your info quickly with the message filter buttons. Just click a button to search by message Type, Person, Category, who sent it, etc!

findandremind message center screenshot

  • Event Links.
    Just click the title of each message to view the event, signup sheet, or group!
  • Filter Buttons.
    Bye bye scattered and lost emails…now find the messages you’re looking for with just a click!
  • Icon Tags.
    Each of your messages shows a graphic icon next to it so you can see the message type with just a glance.
  • Text Tags.
    Every message includes the type of message in the header, e.g. RSVP Event, Reminder, Group Link Message, etc. so you always know what you’re looking at.
  • Forwards to email.
    Every message also goes to your email, just in case! But you can turn off anytime and check findandremind everyday, where we organize it all for you!

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Create and send your own e-invitations, and announce a school fundraiser, a family get-together, a school or church/temple event, birthday party, etc…with integrated RSVP system and automatic reminders! Choose from tons of themes, customize your own cards, and track who’s attending!

findandremind invitations screenshot

  • Customize.
    Even add your own pictures! Every e-card has it’s own photo album for guests to share…right from the e-card!
  • click here to tour the e-invite designsMessage Board.
    For guests to discuss the event…right on the invitation!
  • Auto Tracking.
    Events go straight to your calendar when you send to your guests, and shows up on theirs too!
  • Reminders.
    Choose when auto reminders go out…so participation is maximized!
  • Map the Route.
    Just click the “Map It” button and get instant directions to the event!
  • Coordinate.
    Add Carpool/ Volunteer signup sheets, or create Groups with the guests with the click of a button.

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Ditch the paper and endless emails, and create ONLINE Volunteer (“Pitch In or Fill In”) signup sheets to recruit folks to help out with any activity!…the school carnival, a church/temple fundraiser event, items to bring for a potluck, teacher conference signup, any activity!

findandremind volunteer signup screenshot

  • “Assistant” steps.
    Easily build online signup sheets and add volunteer spots using findandremind’s simple steps.
  • Click to Sign Up .
    Guests simply click “Sign Up” next to the available spots, and the job goes straight to their calendar with reminders! The leader can assign volunteers to tasks too.
  • Take Polls.
    Gauge interest in an activity before scheduling it!
  • Message Board.
    Every sheet has one so volunteers can discuss the event.
  • Directions.
    Guests simply click the “Map It” button to view!
  • Organize a Carpool.
    Click the “action” button at the top to organize a carpool with other volunteer guests!

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Finally an easy way to reduce your road time and rideshare with families going the same places you do. (school, soccer practice, day care, etc.). Create online signup sheets to easily organize Carpools, and SAVE TIME AND GAS MONEY!…fully integrated into everyone’s findandremind calendar and reminder system! Carpool leaders can assign carpoolers to seats too!

findandremind carpool signup sheet screenshot

  • Easy to Setup.
    Add vehicles/seats using the easy “Assistant” steps.
  • Easy to Signup.
    Click “Take the Seat” next to driver/ passenger seats, and it’s recorded on your calendar with reminders!
  • Radius Map Search.
    Find Group members near you for carpools! Your guest list will show people “nearest to farthest” from you to choose from!
  • Coordinate.
    Rideshare for drop-off birthday parties with other moms you know!
  • Message Board.
    For carpoolers to discuss the event.
  • Directions.
    Simply click the “Map It” button to view the carpool route!

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Create and Track TO-DO’s

Remind yourself and others about important things to do…fully integrated into your findandremind calendar and reminder system! Assign To-do’s to yourself or someone else, and receive alerts when tasks are completed! Simple and easy to use!

findandremind to-do list screenshot

  • Reminders.
    Enter due dates for tasks and we’ll remind you!
  • Calendar.
    Your To-do’s show up on your findandremind calendar automatically!
  • Tracking.
    Just check off items items when they’re done!
  • Add Comments.
    Record notes on each To-do, and even give additional instructions to the person you assigned.
  • Categorize.
    For easy retrieval later! (e.g. Family, School, Errands, …)
  • Organize.
    Enter shopping lists, things to pack for a trip, thank you notes to write, to-do’s for your kids away at college (and assign to them!), tasks for your work staff, you name it!

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“Need Help ASAP!” Requests

Find help quickly from Friends for Last Minute Requests when you’re short on time. Findandremind does the work for you! (e.g. “I’m stuck in traffic and need a friend to pickup my daughter at school”, “I need a parent to fill in for me at the fundraiser this morning!”). Blast out your request, get instantly alerted when someone accepts, and findandremind notifies everyone else automatically that you found your help!

findandremind I need help ASAP screenshot

  • Fast Setup.
    Just describe your request, choose the number of helpers you need, choose your helpers, and click Send!
  • Alert Friends.
    They receive your alert, and as soon as your requested number of helpers accepts, a friendly cancellation notice is sent to the others on the list who didn’t respond in time.
  • Example.
    “Quickly find backup help for a worker that is sick or has a sick child”
  • Example.
    “Find an available substitute teacher on your backup list in no time!”
  • Example.
    “We need two backup soccer players for the game this morning. Let me know if you can fill in.”

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The Incredible SCHEDULE Maker

Enter a bunch of events on one page and group them together in a Schedule screen! Great for entering a season of soccer games, a schedule of meetings, plans for the week, you name it! The events appear on your calendar automatically, and you get reminders too! And even better, you can invite people to the schedule (great for coaches to send the season’s games to the team parents), and the events appear on the guests’ calendars too!

findandremind schedule tracker screenshot

  • Enter multiple events.
    So much easier than entering a bunch of events one at a time on a calendar!
  • Great for Leagues and Coaches.
    Enter the schedule, add your team families, and Save! It’s that easy!
  • Realtime Alerts.
    Everyone invited to the schedule gets reminders, and changes are updated in realtime!
  • Comments.
    Every schedule screen has a comments area for guests to discuss the events.

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Post BLOGS and share info!

Like micro-message boards for any topic…great for fundraiser planning, homework posting, after-school activity discussions, casually planning carpools or playdates, just about anything! Personalize each of your Blog pages with a photo or logo.

findandremind blog screenshot

  • Organize Discussions.
    Create different Blogs to organize specific topic discussions and information on your Group Link pages.
  • Easy to Post.
    Right to your Group Links, and they show up right on the Group Link home page!
  • Examples.
    Add a “Fundraiser Ideas” blog to your school Group Link. Add a “Kid’s playdate ideas” blog to your “Moms” Group Link. Add a “Homework Help” blog to your classroom Group Link.

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Photo Albums

Upload photos directly to each event invitation and Group Link home page…a great way to record and share your memories, organized by your important groups and events!

findandremind photo albums screenshot

  • Integrated.
    Just click the Group Photos button on Group Link pages, or the Camera icon on Invitations to view or upload photos.
  • Slideshow.
    Just click a photo to expand it and view the album as a slideshow
  • Coming Soon.
    Ability to download photos and send off to your favorite print shop!

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Integrated Maps

Built into all Invitations/Announcements and Signup Sheets so you and your guests always know where you’re going!…right from everyone’s own Command Center!

findandremind maps screenshot

  • Get Directions.
    When guests pull up any of your Invitations, Announcements, and Signup sheets, they just click the “Map it” button! No need to go to another website!
  • Radius Map Search.
    Find and invite your Friends or Group Link members that live closest to you for any event! Your guest list will show people “nearest to farthest” to choose from!

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Profile Page

Create your own personal profile page that your friends and group members can view when they click your name! If you’re an organization, just fill in your org’s info! At findandremind, we take privacy and security very seriously, and so we make it really easy to choose which info to hide on your profile. And only people on your Friends list or in your Groups can even see you on findandremind!

findandremind profile screenshot

  • Friend Request.
    Just click to send a friend request email invitation.
  • Recommend Friends.
    Just click to recommend a friend of yours to someone else.
  • Friends Page.
    View all your friends’ thumbnail photos in one spot!
  • Private Message.
    Just click to send a message to that person!

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