What is the “Auto Invite” feature choice when creating e-Invitations and Playdates, and how do I set it up?

click here to tour the e-invite designsAuto Invite is a unique method of inviting people to an event when you have a limited number of spots and a preference for whom you’d like to invite first!

Here’s how…

  1. First choose the number of spots available for your event (i.e. just “1″ for a Playdate, or “2″ volunteers for an event, etc).

  2. Then choose the time interval between when the first set of invites go out (to your top choices) and when that invite expires and the next set of guests is invited. Basically it’s the amount of time you give the guest to respond.

  3. Then choose all the guests you’d like to potentially invite (like you would for a standard invitation), except now you get to put the guests in order of your preference. Just click on your favorite guest’s name in the list and drag to the top of the list, then click on your second favorite and drag to second place, etc, etc.

Now the cool part…the system does all the inviting for you!…no more endless phone calls and scattered emails trying to find people to accept!

The system automatically sends an invitation to only the top person on your guest list (or top two if you chose two spots available, etc). The guests must respond in the time interval you chose in step 2 above, otherwise their invitation is automatically cancelled and they receive a friendly cancellation notice. Then the next person in your list is automatically sent an invitation, and so on and so on.

The invitation process will automatically end once your desired number of guests accept (what you chose in step 1 above)!

And don’t worry…the guest list will NOT be seen by your guests…otherwise they might get a little grumpy if they’re not your #1 :)

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