What is findandremind and how does it really work?

Findandremind is a private and secure online organizer and social network that allows you to handle all your communications with other findandremind members from one handy spot, your “Command Center”. Here you can coordinate and organize everything from Events and Groups, to Carpools and Photos. Your Command Center and its content is completely PRIVATE to you…no one else can see it. And you can access your account from anywhere online!

So the way findandremind works is every member has their own private Command Center (online organizer and networking dashboard) to handle all communications and events with their family, friends, activity groups, work staff, etc. all in one spot. The Command Center is your centralized dashboard with “realtime” Calendar, Message Center, To-do list manager, Group manager, and a slew of “create” functions to start all kinds of connections with others.

In order to make connections with others from your Command Center, you can invite people as Friends, start Group Links, invite people to events and signup sheets, among other ways that “link” your Command Center to others via the particular “linked” Event, Group, etc. you have in common with them.

For example, when you create or join a Group Link, which is like a “Group meeting place” or “hub” with its own separate home page for that Group’s communications, the Group Link will appear on each group member’s own Command Center (in the Group Link section). And all the members of that Group will also receive all messages and events from that Group in their own Command Centers. The same goes for any event, carpool signup sheet, birthday invitation, etc!.

So what you end up viewing in your own Command Center (calendar, messages, etc.) is everything you created, joined, or were invited to and all the associated communications. Because your Command Center is also connected in “realtime” to all these shared events, groups, etc. when any information is updated on them, everyone who shares that event or group receives immediate updates automatically! Think about it…No more manual reminders, no more confusion, no more lost emails or endless phone calls to coordinate!

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