What is a Group Link and how do I start one?

A Group Link is basically an “network” of people who share a common interest (e.g. an entire school or church/temple membership, a 3rd grade classroom, a soccer team, fundraiser groups, a weekend biking group, carpool groups…pretty much any shared interest).

Each Group Link has its own Home Page and Shared Calendar (like a communication “hub” for the group). The Home Page has a message board for group members to communicate, plus post all events, signup sheets, and blogs for the group…all just a click away in one handy spot. You can create as many Group Links as you like too!

We provide a couple types of Group Link choices for you to create: First, a Private “invite only” option, which only the people you invite can join. Second, an “Open” group link, which creates a “url link” that you can send to anyone you like to join (or put up on your website if you’re an organization!). Anyone who clicks the link and registers with findandremind can join the group.

To start a Group Link, click “Group Links” in the black bar at the top, and let the Assistant help you build a Group Link page in just a few easy steps.

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