What is a Blog and how do I post one?

A couple of ways:

A Blog is like a micro-message board in your Groups for any specific topic you like (i.e. church/temple fundraiser events, homework postings, activity group discussions,…just about anything)…a great way to organize all your group conversations into separate and organized message boards.

First, you’ll need to create a Group Link (a group of people you know) to be the home for your Blog, so just view the Group Link building instructions to start one. If you already have your Group Link created, then continue reading on…

  1. Click the “Create a Blog” button in the blue section to your left. Give it a Title and Category, then choose the Group Link where you’d like to post the Blog to. Then upload a photo of your choice to show on the Blog page, give the blog a Description and hit Save. The Blog will now show up on the Group Link Home Pages you posted to.

  2. Or, directly on the Group Link Home Page where you’d like to post your Blog, click the “Add Blog” button at the bottom right Blog section. Just enter your blog details and hit Save. Now your blog is posted to the Group Link and shows up on the group’s Home Page in the Blog box.

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