Managing my Group Links (a descriptive tour of a Group Link Home Page)

What’s really cool about Group Links is that each one you create actually has its own Home Page, kind of like a “meeting place” for your Group, where you can view or send information to all the Group Link members in one handy spot. Also, each piece of information on the Home Page also goes out to each group member’s findandremind CALENDAR (for scheduled events), MESSAGE CENTER (for all group message posts, invitations to events and signups, etc), and regular EMAIL (to the address in each user’s Profile)…although we encourage users to turn off the emails and just go to findandremind to view all your communications where we’ve spent a lot of time organizing it all for you!

So here’s a descriptive “tour” of your Group Link home page…we’ll start from the top and go down:

    1. The very top line of the page is your “administrative area”, where you will see a few buttons (some only if you’re an Admin of the group):

adminstrative area

      1. Invite People (only visible if you’re a group Admin) – click here to add more people to your group link

      2. Manage Members- click here to remove yourself from the group, assign Admin or Leadership status to other group members (only if you’re an Admin of the group), and Remove members from the group (only if you’re an Admin).

      3. Edit Group Link- click here to make changes to your Group Link page (Name, Description, Category, whether members can post messages and events to the group, Upload/Change the photo/logo, or delete the group link altogether – trashcan icon).

    1. Next line is the Name of your Group Link, and the name of the Leader of the group that all members of the Group Link will see. If you want to show another member’s name at the top, then you would need to transfer Leader status to him/her on the Manage Members button above.

    2. Next area is the Group Link Photo and Description, which you can edit anytime by clicking the Edit Group Link button at the top (if you are an Admin of the group).

    3. Below that is the Message Board for the Group Link, where all communications are posted in one handy place (and also sent to every members’ Message Center and regular email (if they have that setting turned on). Just click the New Message link next to the green “Plus” sign, and post your message to the group. You can also upload files/photos and post as well.

    4. On the top right of the page are some neat functions integrated into the Group Link page (just for the group link members to see).


    1. “Add Carpool” – click on the “blue car” icon to post a Carpool signup sheet to the group

    2. “Add Pitch In” – click the orange icon to post a Volunteer signup sheet to the group

    3. “Add Invitation” – click the green envelope to post e-invitations and announcements to the group

    4. “Quick Add” event – post an event to your group (just doesn’t have a choice of themes)

    5. “Add Schedule” – add a series of events to your group link that are tied together on one screen, like a soccer schedule,

  1. At the top of the “white paper” message board, you’ll see these:

    new message and groups notes & photos

    1. “New Message” – Click to enter a Group message blast, which gets posted on the page and is also emailed to all Group members (you can choose to not send emails).

    2. “Group Notes” – Add personal notes to the Group Link that only you can see, and integrated into your findandremind personal notepad where all your Notes are neatly organized by Date, Category, and tagged to each Group Link.

    3. “Group Photos” – click the camera icon to upload/view photos associated with the Group Link, where everyone in the group can enjoy the “seeing” the memories of all happenings within the group, always there to view and add!

      “Group Calendar” - click the calendar icon to view all the events posted to this group.


  2. The four boxes on the right hold all the interesting items posted to the Group Link for members to see by just clicking on the items..


    1. Members – This box lists all the members of the Group Link…just click on a member to view their Profile, send them a message, or ask to be their Friend. If you’re an Admin of the Group Link, you’ll see a green “plus” sign with an “Add Members” link at the top…just click on the link to add more people to the group.

    2. Sub-Group Links – This box lists all the other Group Links that have been attached to the one you’re viewing. Just click on a Group Link in that list and be taken directly to it! If you’re an Admin of the Group Link, you’ll see a green “plus”sign with an “Add sub-Group” link at the top…just click on the link to attach a sub-Group to the one you’re viewing (e.g. for creating a

    3. Event & Signups – This box contains the links to all the signup sheets (Carpools and Pitch Ins) and Events that were posted to the Group Link…just click on the links and you’re taken directly to the signup sheet or event screens! Again…just a click away and all neatly organized within the Group Link!

    4. Add Blog - This box lists all the Blogs posted to this Group Link. Blogs are just like micro-message boards, where you can organize individual forums by topic, but have them all “wired in” to the Group Link page. Just click “Add Blog” at the top to create a new Blog and post it. Again, just click on the Blog links to view them and make comments in each forum!

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