I’m concerned about my privacy. How does Findandremind protect my personal information from other members?

At Findandremind, privacy and security are our top priorities…

  1. Rest assured that on Findandremind, only YOU control what info about you is shared with others; only your Friends, Group Link members, and other guests you share events with can even see you on the site!

  2. Any member must invite you to become a Friend or a Group Link member (with your acceptance), or be a guest with you on an Invitation or Signup Sheet before they can even see your Profile (and must be a Friend or Group link member of yours to send you a message). When you allow your contacts to view your profile, they will only see your First Name/Last initial, and your Username by default. It’s up to you to turn off your privacy settings and show exactly what info you’d like your contacts to see on your Profile (e.g. your last name, birthday, phone number, location, etc).

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