I’m an Organization, or a Staff Member (school/teacher, church/temple, non-profit, business, etc.) and just logged in for the first time…what do I do now?

    1. Complete your Profile…hover your cursor over your little profile photo thumbnail at the top of your screen and click “Personal Profile” and then click “Edit Personal Profile” (e.g. enter info about your organization, upload a logo or photo, or just enter your personal info…you can control what everyone in your groups sees on your Profile via your Edit Personal Profile page). Your profile can be formal or informal, depending on how you want your contacts to see you. Your members will see this info when they click on your name where it’s viewable (e.g. via your Group Link page, in messages, etc.), but they only see what you want them to see on your profile by adjusting your privacy settings. For instance, if you’re a teacher or a room mom/dad of a classroom, or a school or business administrator, etc…just enter Profile details as you’d like to be viewed by your members.

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  1. Invite all your members into Group Links (hover your cursor over the red Create button and choose Group Link). A Group Link will group your members together and centralize all your communications on a group Home Page, fully integrated with your findandremind messaging and event scheduling platform (as well as for all your members). You can create as many Group Links as you like for different components of your organization (like classrooms, fundraiser groups, after-school activities, your staff group, etc.).

    You can create a couple different types of Group Links:

    1. Private, which is the default type. Just leave the “Open” choice unchecked in the Create Group Link assistant.

    2. “Open” is where any user with the link can join it, and shows Share button so members can copy and email the link to others (and may be searchable on the internet). And rest assured that no one in your organization’s group link can see another’s contact information, e.g. email address, etc. unless users specifically allow so.

    And a couple invite methods:

    1. “Invite people…”, where invitations are sent to your invitees and they must click the link and join the group before receiving any group communications.

    2. “Add people to the Group Link immediately”, where your invitees will be added to your group immediately, and receive an email notice “You have been added to Group Link XYZ”. Guests you invite that are not yet members of findandremind will have an activation link in this email to register. Whether your guests are members of findandremind yet or not, they will start receiving Group Link communications immediately to their email address. This is a great option to choose if you’re managing a classroom, school, organization, etc. Group Link and don’t want anyone to miss information (since you don’t have to wait for them to accept the group invitation to receive all communications).

      Now you’re ready to easily coordinate and communicate in one handy and organized spot from within your Group Link homepages and your Command Center (click links to your left, and view your existing groups, events, and signups by clicking the orange “Find all My Stuff” button on your bottom left). Post bulletins, invitations and announcements, volunteer signup sheets (Pitch In’s) via your Group Link pages, view/update your calendar, families can organize carpools, and much more! People in your group links will receive all your postings on their own findandremind Command Center where your information is neatly organized and easy to find!

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