I’m a Parent and just logged in for the first time. What now?

Whether you started with Findandremind on your own, or were signed up by your school, church/temple, or other organization into their Group Link, your account is yours and private only to you, and meant for you to schedule your own activities and create your own networks as well. So here are a few things you can do to get the most out of your experience on Findandremind:

1) COMPLETE YOUR PROFILE by clicking on the “Profile” link at the top of your Command Center, then click “Edit Personal Profile”…then enter your address or just cross street (so your Friends and Group Link members can find you for carpools, and you’ll automatically get directions to your events!), enter your family members’ names for adding to carpool seats, tagging to events, etc.  And don’t worry…you have complete control over what your Friends and Group members can see on your profile (just click the little icon next to each field on your Edit Profile screen to change the privacy settings).

AND THIS PART IS REALLY COOL…there are many online activity groups in your area waiting for you!  You should see an alert in the top right of your Command Center to click on and join those groups in your area (after you enter your zip code in your Profile)!  You can also click “My Network” at the top and choose “Find Groups Near Me”.

NOTE: These public groups exist only to help you connect with others in your area that may already be members. You can always create your own PRIVATE group links anytime.

2) BRING PEOPLE ONBOARD by clicking “Invite Friends” under the “My Network” dropdown at the top bar of your Command Center.

3) CREATE YOUR OWN GROUP LINKS (group home pages, e.g. a classroom, office group, soccer team, etc.): Hover your cursor over the red CREATE button and choose “Group Link”, build your group and send out invites.  When your guests click on the email invitation, they will be asked to join Findandremind!  Also, get your school families, church/temple families, sports league, and other organizations you care about onboard so everyone can coordinate with ease!  The bigger the community the more powerful your organizing tools get!  If you started with Findandremind via your school or other organization, then you’ve got a head start!  But don’t stop there…you can bring in your friends, family, co-workers…anyone, and create your own separate private networks!


4) Now start scheduling and scheduling!  Click on any of the links when you hover over the red CREATE button to create Events, Group Links, Invitations, Schedules, Carpool and Pitch In signup sheets and more!  Or, click the links across the top bar to view your Calendar, send/view Messages, start/view To-dos, Group Links, etc. and view all your important happenings…all in one handy spot!


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