I’d like to start a Carpool, how do I do that?

A couple of ways:

  1. For the “Casual” Carpoolers – just create a Group Link of people whom you’d like to carpool with, and use the group message board to discuss trips in one handy place, right on your own carpooling Home Page. (Just click on “Create Group Links” on your left to start one).

  2. For the “Serious” Carpoolers – create Carpool signup sheets…There are two ways to do so:

    1. If you already have a Group Link of people who may be interested in the carpool (e.g. your soccer team group), you can create a Carpool signup sheet directly from the Group Link home page by clicking the “Car” icon in the top right of your Group Link home page. And better yet, this method will post the signup sheet in the Events & Signup section on the Group Link page so everyone in the group can view anytime.

    2. If you have a specific guest list of people who are not in a Group Link, then just click the “Create Carpools” link on your left and follow the Assistant (enter your carpoolers’ email addresses, choose people from your Friends list, etc).

What’s great about a signup sheet is that people can signup for driver and passenger spots with just a click, and it’s super easy to monitor. Also it’s completely integrated into everyone’s findandremind calendar, reminder system, and mapping system.

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