I’d like to Recruit people to help out with an event (i.e. helping out with a fundraiser event, snack duty for soccer games, or any job), how do I do that?

A couple ways:

  1. For the “Casual” Volunteer organizers – just create a Group Link of friends you tend to coordinate volunteer events with often, and use the message board to discuss open volunteer positions with the group in one handy place. Just click on the “Create Group Links” button to your left and follow the easy steps to start a Group Link.

  2. For the “Serious” Volunteer finders – create a “Pitch In” (volunteer) signup sheet and post to a group of people for specific events, with job spots to signup for and track, and fully integrated into everyone’s findandremind calendar and reminder system. Just click the “Create Pitch In or Fill In” link on your left and follow the assistant. You can also add a Pitch In signup sheet directly on any of your Group Link home pages by clicking the orange “Pitch In” icon in the top right of your Group Link screen. The group members will receive the signup sheet automatically!

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