I need help for a last minute important request (i.e. “I’m stuck in traffic and need a friend to pickup my daughter”, or “I need a parent to help fill in for someone at the school Book Fair tomorrow”)

We have exactly the fix!

Click the “I Need Help ASAP!” button on your left. Enter a quick Subject and Description of what your need is, and choose the number of people you need to help, and click Next. Then Invite anyone who might be able to help, confirm, and click Next to send the Need Help invitation.

Here’s what happens…

Your request goes out to everyone you invited. If you needed on 1 person for example, then when the first person accepts the request, you are notified immediately. Then, the system automatically sends out a friendly cancellation notice to everyone else. If you happened to choose 2 people needed, then the same process happens as soon as 2 people accept, etc.

Think about all the time you save not having to make phone calls one by one! And you don’t have to track several responses if you performed the same request via regular email. You get your help quickly and findandremind does the work for you!

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