How do I send another user a Message?

At findandremind, we help you simplify your communications by organizing them in one handy place from your private Command Center.

- In your Message Center: Where all your messages and notifications come in…click the “Messages” link at the top of your screen. Try the “filter” buttons to quickly find what you’re looking for.

- Directly on your Invitations and Signup Sheets: Every e-Invitation/Announcement and Signup Sheet (Carpool and Pitch In) has a message board for guests to talk about only that event, so you always know where to find those messages in one handy spot for easy retrieval of discussions.

- Directly on your Group Link home pages: Every home page has a message board to organize all communications only with that group…again, neatly organized and always on that page so you know where to find those messages with just a click.

- Directly on To-do Lists: so everyone involved with a particular To-do that was assigned (either to you, or by you to someone) can communicate only about that particular To-do. And quickly find the communication either on your To-do dashboard (blue button at top), or click the orange Find all My stuff button on the bottom left (click To-Dos).

- In Blogs: These are like micro-message boards you can create for any activity or topic, and organize your discussions on individual Blog pages that you can find with just a click. Blogs are attached to your Group Link home pages for easy retrieval with a click, directly on your Group Link page.

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