How do I post Messages, Events, Photos, and Notes or Files on a Group Link page?

Group Link Members

II. GETTING STARTED: Interacting on a Group Link page

Okay, so now you’re looking to interact with your group members. Here’s an overview of some basic functions that will get you going!

  1. How to send “Group Messages” and “Private Messages” from a Group page:

    add members

    1. o send a message to the Group, click [New Message]. This message will be placed right on the “white paper” message board, and will also be emailed to all the members (there’s also a choice to NOT send out emails on the message entry screen).
    2. create messagecreate message

    3. To send a Private Message, just click the person’s name in the Members box and click [Send user a message] on their profile page.

  2. How to view/post Group Notes:

    The Notes area is a great place to save more permanent documents, important contacts, etc. for the Group members to easily access by clicking the Group Notes icon.

    New message group notes

    1. To View Notes posted to the Group, just click [Group Notes] above. Then click on the notes in blue text that you’re interested in to view.

    2. To enter/save some Notes for the Group, click [Group Notes] above. Then click [Add Note to “XYZ Group”] at the top right of the screen. Just enter a Title, then some notes and/or file attachments, and click [Save Note]. That’s it!

    3. notes

  3. How to view/post Group Photos:

    The Group Photos area is a great place to share photos with the Group members. And even better, we make it really easy to upload and view them!

    1. To View the Group’s photos, just click the [Group Photos] button (see below). Then click a photo to “zoom in” and scroll through the photos.

    2. message, notes

    3. To Upload a new photo to the Group, click the [Group Photos] button above, then click [Upload a Photo]

  4. group photos

  5. How to view/post Group Events:

    Posting events to your Group page is really easy using the “Action Buttons” at the top right of your Group Link page (see below)


    1. To add an Event invitation or announcement that is more like a customized card, click the [Add Event] button (green envelope), and then follow the steps to create the invitation card.

    2. To add a quick Event choose the [Quick-Add] button (clock icon).

    3. To add a “series” of events that are “tied together” on one schedule screen, click [Add Schedule] (calendar icon) and enter a bunch of events.

    4. The Events will be posted in the “Events & Signups” section (see below) of the Group page for all the members to see (and just click on to view!). The event invitations will also be emailed to all group members (if you choose), and will show up on each member’s own calendar in their Command Center automatically so everyone stays informed!

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