How do I post an event or signup sheet to a Group Link (and have it show up on the group home page)?

A few of ways:

1) On the Group Link Home Page, simply click one of the icons in the top right (for Add Invitations, Add Carpool, Volunteer sign up, etc.). These icons will launch the Assistant Screen to create your event and automatically invite that Group Link. After sending the event invitation, the link to that event will show up directly on the Group Link’s Home Page (in the Events & Sign Ups section) for all the group members to view anytime.

2) When you’re creating your invitation or signup sheet, etc. (from hovering your cursor over the red CREATE button), on the step where you invite people click the “Invite Group Links” button on the left, then choose the Group Link(s) you would like to invite. After sending your invitation, the link to the event or signup you just created will show up on that Group Link’s Home Page in the group’s “Events & Sign Ups” box for easy retrieval by the group, just like in 1) above.

3) If you already created an event or signup sheet, and now want to post it on a particular Group Link page, just click “Invite People” at the top of the Invitation or Sign Up Sheet screen, and follow 2) above.

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