How do I invite people to an Event, Group Link, or Signup Sheet?

On the“Invite People” step on every Assistant (to create Group Links, Invitations, Carpools, etc. click the buttons on your left), you have multiple ways to invite people…

  1. Invite Friends,

  2. Invite Group Links,

  3. Enter Email addresses, or

  4. Import Contacts from your Gmail, Yahoo, etc.

Add people

  1. Just click on the four buttons on the left of the Invite People screen to choose whom you’d like to invite (you can combine any of the methods to build your invite list too). When you click on Invite Friends for instance, you’ll see a list of all your findandremind Friends to invite. (If you haven’t built your Friends list yet, then use the following two methods). Just click the checkboxes next to their names, and see them join the Invite List on the right.

  2. Then you can click on “Invite Group Links” and choose either to invite an entire Group Link or just invite a few members within a Group Link. Just select from you Group List in the dropdown, then click “Add entire Group Link” to invite a group, or click “Show users” to see who is a member of your chosen Group Link and invite people individually from it.

  3. Then click on “Enter Emails” to enter email addresses manually. If you have a long list of emails in a Word or spreadsheet document, just paste them in the box in the middle and click “Add”, and easily invite a huge group of people.

  4. Then click Import Contacts (from AOL, Gmail, Hotmail, MSN, or Yahoo), enter your login/password to your email account, and click “Fetch my contacts”. After you have built your Invite List on the right, you can easily remove people by clicking the “trash can” icon next to their name.

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