How do I create an Event or an e-Invitation?

A few ways to do that:

  1. Create a Calendar Event (just a quick way to add an event on your calendar) simply by clicking on an empty space on a date in the calendar. Then just fill in your event details on the event entry screen. You can also click “Create an Event” in the top left of the calendar or click the “Add Event to Calendar” button on your left.

  2. click here to tour the e-invite designs

    Or…to Create an RSVP e-Invitation or Announcement that you’d like to send to others, click on the “Create Invitations & Announcements” button on your left, and follow the easy step-by-step Assistant.

  3. On the “Create an Event” screen, you can choose “create Multiple Events” at the top…you’ll be able to enter a bunch of events (e.g. a season soccer schedule) on one screen and send to others!

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