How do I create a To-do (either for myself or assign to someone)?

  1. Click the blue “To-Do Lists” button at the top of your Command Center. This is where you can create and view all your To-do’s. Click “Create To-Do’s” in the top left and you’ll be taken to the To-do entry screen.

  2. create to-do

  3. First, if the To-do tasks will be assigned to yourself, just leave the first box checked. Enter a Due Date for your tasks, if any. (if you don’t enter a due date, then your to-do tasks won’t show up on your calendar). Uncheck the box if you want to assign the To-do’s to someone else.

  4. create to-do

  5. Next, if you would like to receive a reminder message for your To-do’s, check the “Send a reminder” box and enter an amount of time prior to the Due Date to receive an automatic message reminder.

  6. Next, you have a choice to group all your Tasks into a one List (good for organizing related tasks together, and only one notification will be sent for all tasks, otherwise each task goes out individually as a separate message). *If you just want to enter a bunch of separate tasks really fast, then skip this step.*

    set reminder

    Enter a Name for your List and choose a Category for it. If you unchecked the box at the top, then you’ll see a choice for “Assign entire list of tasks to one person”. Check this if you’ll be assigning all the To-do tasks to one person (as opposed to assign each task to a different person). Choose the person (Friend or Group member), and enter a Date Date (not required, but if no Due Date entered then it won’t show on your recipient’s calendar or yours).

  7. Now enter all your Tasks in the spaces at the bottom. To open up more fields, click Add More Tasks at the bottom. Click “Assign” next to each Task to choose a person to assign to and a Due Date.

When you choose someone to Assign the Task to, the Task will be sent to his/her message center (and external email if they have that setting turned on), and when they click the Complete checkbox on the Task screen, you will receive a notification automatically. Now you can track what’s done and what’s not!

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