How do I create a Shared Calendar?

  1. First start a Group Link home page for the people you want to share a calendar with:  Hover your cursor over the red CREATE button and choose Group Link to start.  Follow the steps.
  2. On the Group Link home page, click the “Group Calendar” button in the middle of the page, and you’ll see some icons with different types of events to add.
  3. To add a simple event, click “Add Event” and fill out the details.  To add a series of events, click “Add Schedule” and enter a bunch of events.
  4. Once you save your event(s), it will show up on the Group Calendar and under the “Events and Signups” section on the right side of the group link page.  And all your group members can see this calendar!
  5. Each shared calendar is linked to your personal calendar (that you see every time you login), so you see events from all your group links in one private calendar too!

NOTE: you can create as many group link pages with calendar as you like for different schedules you have with different people in your life!

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