How do I create a Volunteer signup sheet (for Volunteer recruiting, signup for items to bring, take a survey of people’s interest in different activities, etc)?

Click the “Create Volunteer Sign Up Sheets” link on the left side of your Command Center to kick off the Assistant screens (or if posting from a Group Link screen, click the Pitch In icon in the top right of the Group Link home page)…the Assistant steps will guide you through setting up your signup sheet quickly and easily!

First, choose what type of signup sheet you’d like to create by clicking the big green/blue buttons on the first step of the assistant. Any of the types below can be used to take surveys of people’s interest for particular activities too!

  1. “Just One Date and Time” – choose this type if you have just one event where you need people to signup for various jobs or items to bring, all on the same Date and Time (as opposed to each job/item having a different date/time)…e.g. for food items needed at a Potluck or birthday party, various volunteer spots for Book Fair day at school, etc. So with this choice, the signup sheet will show only one date/time for the entire signup sheet, and list all the jobs and/or items under that single date and time.

  2. “Various Dates and/or Times” – choose this type if you have either one event with multiple jobs each at different times, or multiple events with jobs on different dates and at various times…e.g. carnival booth signups for a 2-day school or church fundraiser, signups for parent readers each week for the semester with varying times, or substitute teachers needed for different dates and times.

  3. “No specific Date/Time” – choose this type if you need to fill jobs spots for a “general” period of time…e.g. signups for room Moms for the year, or teaching assistant positions for the semester, or coaches needed for the baseball season. Just describe the time period in the Description field.

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