Easily Rounding up Volunteers with Online Sign Up Sheets

I’m in charge of our group’s annual Children’s Festival, and it’s a 10-month planning job. I need to gather donations and organize several working committees as well as schedule “all hands” calls for specific dates, both in the weeks before and on Festival Day. How does findandremind work for something like this?

We’re glad you asked! We’ve got a whole free volunteer management system built into findandremind, and it’s perfect for a big organizational job like this. Start from your dashboard, and select the appropriate Group Link so you’ll have that whole contact list to work with for recruiting your volunteers. From there, hit the “Create Pitch In or Fill In” button, and then let the wizard help you through setting up your various needs. For those donations, select the “No Specific Date” option, and just tell them the drop-off locations and times.

For your committees, select “Various Dates & Times,” where you’ll be able to tell the invitees for each committee their job descriptions, how often they’ll be meeting, when and where. Go through this step for each committee you’ll need. Finally, for the “All Hands” calls, you can select “Just One Date & Time.” Online volunteer organizing has never been so simple!

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