Creating your Group Links

GETTING STARTED | Creating your Group Links

(families, activity groups, organizations like a school or classroom, a church/temple, a non-profit org, etc.)

The way Findandremind works is every member has their own private Command Center to handle all communications and events with all their Group Links, friends, family, etc. A Group Link itself is like a single “meeting place” or separate “hub” that members access from their own Command center, and can only do so with groups they’re a member of. Once members join a particular Group Link, the link will pop up in their Command Center where they can click it anytime to view. So here’s how to create a Group Link and “connect” your members to it:

    1. First, hover your cursor over the red Create button and choose Group Link.


    1. On the first step of the Group Link assistant (after clicking ‘Create Group Links’ ), you have a few important choices to make as to what TYPE of Group Link you want to create and the method for bringing people onboard:

      on bottom left side of first step

      Group Settings

        1. PRIVATE: This is the default Group type, where only the members you invite (using their email address) can join the group

        2. OPEN: anyone who has the “URL” link to the Group and clicks on it can join the group. (Note: this Group type may be search-able in a public directory online if posted on a website, blog, etc.). It means that the users who have the link don’t need to be on an invitation list or have a particular email address to be a group member. Anyone who sees and clicks the link can join. There will be a Share button on the group page to share…click that and you’ll see a link to copy (Ctrl C) and send to people, post on a website, etc.

      on right side of first step you have two choices:

      1. “Invite people” – People will receive an email invitation, and they have the choice to join the Group. Your guests must accept the invitation and join the group before they receive any group communications.

      2. Add People Automatically: Guests are immediately added to your Group Link without their needing to accept an invitation or click on a link. Your guests will receive an email stating “you have been added to Group Link “XYZ”. Guests that are not yet members of Findandremind will receive a login link in the email to join Findandremind, and then will be directed to your Group Link page.

    2. On the “Add People” step, click ‘Enter Emails’ on the left and paste your member email list in the empty box, then click ‘Add’. You may need to wait for the list to load for a bit in the guest list area on the right, depending on how long your list is. Then click Next, review, then click ‘Next’ again and your invitations will go out to all your members.

        1. If you’d like to just create the Group Link page and invite people later (essentially just creating a “Draft” group link), then just click ‘Next’ on the Add People step without entering any guests. From the Group Link page later you can click “Invite People” at the top after you create the page and check it out.

      add People

    3. You did it! Now your members will be added to your Group Link according to your choice in step 1 above, and you’ll see their names on the Group Link home page (Members section) as they join. Here’s what a Group Link page looks like:

add member subgroup

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