Can I create a survey to see how many participants I can get for an event before I actually schedule it?

Yes, you can use the “Pitch In or Fill In” signup sheet to do that! (click “Create Pitch In or Fill In” on left side of your Command Center)

  1. If you have just one event to take a survey about: When you’re adding Jobs/Items on the Add Jobs step of the Pitch In assistant, give your first Job a title like “How many people can attend Activity 1 event?”. Then choose a large number in the People Needed field, enough to allow for the number of votes you think you’ll need (e.g. if you need at least 10 people to make the event happen, choose 10).

  2. If you have multiple Jobs and/or dates to take a survey about (to gather interest on one event versus another, or just to do surveys for multiple future events independently): Just repeat step 1, changing the Job Title and number of people needed each time (e.g. “vote on Activity 1″, “vote on Activity 2″, etc).

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