Can anyone else see my Command Center (Calendar, Message Center, etc.) where I coordinate and view all my activities and messages?

Absolutely not! Your Command Center is completely private and “for your eyes only.”

Whatever you enter into your own Calendar, Message Center, or anything else in your account is seen ONLY BY YOU! And only information you CHOOSE to share with others (e.g. messages you send to others, postings to a Group Link, invitations and signup sheets sent to others for events, etc.) will be viewed by them in their OWN Command Center in their findandremind account.

Your own Calendar on findandremind is NOT “share-able”…we intentionally created it this way as a privacy safeguard for all findandremind members. Your Calendar is only viewable by you. When you invite people to events or post events to Group Links, they will see the events on their OWN findandremind calendar, and vice versa.

The only place information is “shared” is in a Group Link home page (e.g. your school group link, etc.), and visible only by the members within that group, or on an Event invitation or signup sheet by the invited guests.  And each of your Group Links is a separate private network, and people within each of your groups cannot see anything of yours outside of the group.  So to create a “Shared place” with a group, click “Create a Group Link” and set it up…it’s easy!

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