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Findandremind, The Complete Family Calendar and Family Organizer and Networking Solution for Your Busy Life

Findandremind® is the ultimate organizing and networking assistant that helps you coordinate your family, the places you go, and the things you have to do – all from one central Command Center! The online family calendar will simplify your life. And all the other features at your disposal bring you an amazing family organizer!

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For Busy Families…several steps closer to sanity!

The idea behind findandremind is to coordinate families, events, and the organizations important to them…all from one handy online place. It’s designed to help you join forces with others to streamline and manage your lives—all from the comfort of your keyboard.  

Forge a clear path out of life’s daily chaos via this remarkably simple, yet incredibly robust, scheduling and networking application with your own “Command Center”…online and accessible from anywhere.

Great for families, but also great for organizations who reach out to families!

Whether you’re a business or a non-profit, a school or a charity, you’ve just stumbled upon a far better way to connect with people and boost membership participation!
findandremind® operates 24 hours-a-day and 7 days-a-week to help organizations reach out to customers, clients, and members. Get “wired in” to your members and organize along with them!  Bring the power of social networking to your organization like never before…the “findandremind” way!

An Online Family Calendar Built For Busy Families

Online Calendar featureFindandremind’s Online Calendar is the perfect solution for the frazzled family that has to keep track of the who, when and where of multiple personal or group activities. You can track events for your family, your kids’ school, carpools, or any organizations you’re involved with in your busy life…all from ONE calendar that’s private to you!

To Do Lists That Actually Get Done

To Do List FeatureFindandremind’s To Do List feature lets you create multiple lists, and keep them by category. You can also add detailed notes, and check off items as they’re done. Due dates for tasks on your To Do List are automatically entered on your calendar – and you’ll get automatic reminders until they’re checked off! It also allows you to create that Honey Do list for your spouse, a homework assignment list for your kid, or a task list for your volunteer committee – and it will send automatic calendar reminders to THEM as well!

Well-Coordinated Volunteers

Volunteer Sign Up FeatureFindandremind’s Online Volunteer Sign Up Sheets are the perfect solution for when success depends on a group effort. That means whether there’s a bike-a-thon, a big school fundraiser, or a church picnic. You can easily send around your signup list to everyone involved, then sit back and let the “Pitch In/Fill In” feature take care of the rest for you!  Manage it any way you want – put out a schedule with shifts that need filling, or a general call for help. They can either sign themselves up, or just let you know some other way and you can add their names yourself.  You can also keep track of who’s confirmed, and who’s doing what.

Carpools For Busy Families That Practically Organize Themselves

Carpool Sign Up FeatureThe “Create Carpool” feature lets you set departure and return times, destination information, and the number of vehicles needed…all neatly organized into an online sign up sheet. You can also set automated reminders for everyone!  Invite people individually, or use the convenient Map Locator feature to find people within a defined radius of your carpool’s destination. People living within that area will automatically be included in the carpool request list, and passengers can easily be matched with drivers for maximum convenience!

Group Links, for all the different people in your life

Online Community FeatureThe Group Links feature makes it simple to network with the people in your life who share a common interest or belong to the same organization. Each Group Link gets its own little home page for just the group’s communication, including a Shared Calendar! Examples might include your entire school or church membership, your daughter’s classroom, your softball team, a charity you’re involved with…you get the idea! We all wear so many hats  — think of this as a handy rack to hang them all on. It’s both an online meeting place and members-only message center!

Create Dazzling Invitations & Announcements

E-Invitations Sign Up FeatureOn your Create Invitations & Announcements page, you’ll be able to send your own e-invitations, announce a school fundraiser, a family get-together, a community event – just about anything. With an integrated RSVP system, automatic reminders and tons of design themes, you’ll be able to customize your own cards and track who’s attending. You can even set orders of preference when inviting guests to an exclusive event!

With so many robust features, findandremind will reduce the mental stress of trying to remember and manage all the who-what-when’s in your life, and keep you humming like the well-oiled machine you’ve always wanted to be.

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