Learn what’s PRIVATE and what’s SHARED in your Command Center

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In this video we walk you through how your private and shared content are distinguished within your Command Center.

So in your findandremind account you have two “online worlds” so to speak, your Private world and your Shared world.

Your Private world is your Command Center dashboard (with your calendar, message center, todo lists, group links, and so on), and basically everything in it that you have not yet shared with others.  No one can see your Command Center but you.  Every event, to do list, sign up sheet, photo, note, anything that you save is private to you.  

UNLESS you specifically share a piece of content with other people (like if you shared an event with someone, or someone shared a schedule with you, etc.).  It’s very important to know that if you want others to see an event, schedule, or anything else you create, you must share it with them, either by inviting individual people to it or by posting it on a Group Link home page for a group of people.  This is what we call your Shared world on findandremind.

When you create any kind of content from the create section (or by simply clicking on a calendar date to enter an event), you’ll run across an option to Share the content with others and a few easy ways to do so, and the share screen will look like this.  We’ll give details on how to Share events in another video.

Once that event is saved it’s emailed to your invitees, and when they register and login via the link in the email, the event shows up automatically on their findandremind calendar, and you’ll be connected with your guests regarding that event.  And on the event you’ll see the list of people you shared it with.  

If you don’t choose to share your events and other items, they just remain private to you, and on the event screen you’ll see yellow alert bars telling you the event has not been shared nor posted to a group.  But you can decide to share it anytime by clicking the Share buttons.

The other way to Share content is by posting it directly on a Group Link home page instead of via content in your Command Center dashboard.  A Group home page is like a separate “intranet” or “hub” just for those particular group members to see, like your “shared worlds”, and all your groups show up here as links for easy retrieval.   This is the preferred way to share events if it’s with a group of people you often coordinate with, because you can just keep posting items to the page to keep track of all the important occurrences in one handy spot.

You can easily post content to your Group using various buttons throughout the page, depending on the permissions set by the group leader.  For example, Message blasts, events, invitations, flyers, sign up sheets, and so on.  And people in one of your groups cannot see what’s going on in your other groups.  

In this example, everything posted on my school’s Group Link page is also pushed out to my Command Center dashboard, all neatly organized among my personal recordings, other group info, and so on.  Think of your Command Center dashboard is as your own PERSONAL “hub”, whereas your group link homepages are your SHARED “hubs” so to speak.  

So that’s the overview of your private versus shared worlds.  Check back for other tutorials on all the great organizing and networking functions on findandremind.

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