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Findandremind’s Online Volunteer Sign Up Sheets are the perfect solution for when success depends on a group effort. That means whether there’s a bike-a-thon, a big school fundraiser, or a church picnic, you can easily send around your “help needed” sign up sheet to everyone involved, then sit back and watch your sign up sheet boost participation for you!

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A Volunteer Activity Center at Your Fingertips

It’s as simple as clicking the “Pitch In/Fill In” button, follow the easy “assistant” steps to build your sign up sheet, and then add as many job or item descriptions as you like for people to sign up! Your group members will receive an email invitation as soon as you add their email addresses to your share list and send it. They’ll be able to go directly to your sign up sheet themselves, or you can assign your group members to spots!

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So all the amazing features allow you to:

  • Easily create and manage a volunteer schedule.
  • Allocate people to jobs or just let members sign up with a click.
  • Track your volunteers in real-time as they sign up, and they get automated reminders about the job.
  • Talk to your volunteer group in the comments area on every sign up sheet.
  • Go paperless and save a tree or two!

Organize Multiple People and Events with an online Volunteer Sign Up Sheet

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We’ve made keeping track of it all so easy. You can lasso a whole group at once – no more time-consuming phone calls or confused group emails! And like all the other features on Findandremind, volunteer sign up sheets are fully integrated with your Online Calendar, and can be posted to any of your Group Links (your private groups). This also means that once people are signed up to an event, they’ll receive automatic reminders by email…a week before, a day before, whatever reminder time you choose!

And because your Online Calendar sends out updates automatically if there’s a change to any event, your members get the word without your having to do anything!

If you’re recruiting people for multiple events (sound familiar?), you can create a Group Link with your members, post “Pitch In” sign up sheets, and let the members view them all on a single Shared Calendar and sign up on the spot!

So while we can’t predict the weather for your next fundraiser event, we can certainly help you boost participation, easily track who’s coming and how they’re contributing, and reduce the headache in organizing events!

Sign up now to start organizing your life, or click here to take a tour!

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