Did You Know: To Do Lists and Online Calendar Work Together.

Did you know that your To Do Lists and Online Calendar on findandremind are completely integrated?

When you create To Do Lists on findandremind, either for yourself or that you assign to others, when you assign a Due Date the To Do Tasks show up on your online calendar, and also on the online calendar of the person you assigned the To Do Task!

Say you’re a school administrator, and need some people from your staff to help setup for the next school fundraiser.  Just:

  • create a To Do List
  • enter the tasks
  • choose the person/people to assign the to do task
  • choose a due date
  • and send!
Everyone receives an email notice, the to do tasks show up on everyone’s findandremind calendar, and everyone gets email reminders! In addition, you can “check off” which tasks have been completed, and so can the people you assigned the tasks! Finally your to do tasks may actually get done!

Get started now! It’s free to join and easy to use!

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