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Organize and take command of your busy family and community life with Findandremind®, the all-in-one task management application that features an online To Do list, an Online Calendar with reminders for yourself and everyone else in your groups, and much more! Short of having your own personal assistant to follow you around all day (which could actually get pretty annoying), Findandremind’s robust features and templates make it the ultimate organizing, networking and coordinating assistant!

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Are you the kind whose key to mental survival is keeping a task list? What about the tasks you need to make sure that others get done on time too? Just think about all the psychic energy that goes into making sure you remember – or even sometimes just remembering where you put your To Do list! If this sounds all too painfully familiar, then our online To Do List was made for you!

Organize all your to-do lists in one place.

Findandremind’s To Do List feature lets you create multiple lists too. Take them with you – they’re fully printable, or you can view them from anywhere online! You can also send your lists to others in your family or community with just a click!

Categorize your to-do lists.

Create categories for your to-do lists, such as Family, School, Church, Work–related — whatever works best for you. This makes them easy to retrieve later.

Add detailed notes, and check off items as they’re done.

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Record comments on each To do, or give additional instructions to the person you assigned a task. There’s a checkbox on each line, for that satisfying moment when you can check an item off your list! You’ll also receive an alert when someone else completes a task you’ve assigned them!

Let us do the remembering for you.

Enter due dates for tasks and we’ll remind you with an alert! You’ll also see a task’s due date when you open your online calendar — your to-do’s show up on your Findandremind calendar automatically!

Until now, you’ve had to depend on your own frazzled brain or multiple reminder systems to manage all these details. With our online To Do List, enter it once and then let the automated reminders free your mind from the stress of wondering whether you’ve forgotten anything. Live Personal Assistants are for rock stars and actors. With Findandremind, you won’t need anyone dogging your heels to keep you on track!

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