Photo Albums

Make invitations more fun and memories easier to share with Findandremind’s FREE Online Photo Album system.

Once you discover how easy it is to keep your busy life organized with Findandremind, you’ll enjoy many of the extra, fully integrated features that give this platform its extra shine and polish, like the free Online Photo Album system. There’s no easier way to share images and memories with your friends and associates.

The photo albums can be created in a few ways, each of them keyed to a group or group activity. You can post photos directly on an event invitation, to the “bulletin board” on your Group Link home pages, or in the Group Photo Album itself. It’s the perfect way to share photos from a party, fundraiser, team event or any other group activity.

findandremind photo albums screenshot

How the Photo Album Works

Attach photos to an invitation

Find “Create Invitations & Announcements” on your dashboard, then follow the onscreen instructions. As you’re creating the invitation, you will have the choice of using a photo from our gallery, or uploading your own photo from your desktop to customize the card. After creating the invitation, on the e-Invitation itself, clicking on the camera icon allows you and all the guests to view or upload  photos related to that event! Now you have memories organized by all your events!

Create an album in Group Links.

Once you’re in your Group Link home page, you can just click the Group Photos button to upload any number of photos. You can also create captions. They’ll display any time someone clicks on the home page. And, anyone from the group can add their photos too! Then every time your group has an event, people will have one place and one simple means to share all their photos and memories!

Enjoy a slideshow from your photo album.

Just click on any photo from the home page to expand it, and view the album as a slideshow.

Here’s how it might work in your life: You are in charge of the PTA fundraiser to support new playground equipment. You create an invitation showing “before and after” pictures of the old equipment and the new pieces the school hopes to buy. Then you take pictures at the fundraising event and post them to the Group Link home page. Add more pictures later during and after the installation, and post those to the home page too! Everyone will get to see their work in action and feel proud.

Unlike other photo sharing services you might use, our online photo album lets you post photos relevant to only selected groups like your kids’ teammates, your church youth group, anyone with a common interest. Each group sees only the photos they care about. It’s just one of the many extra features that make Findandremind the best organizer tool you’ll ever have for your busy private life.