Personal Profile and Friends Page

Create your own Personal Profile page that your friends and group members can view when they click on your name! Also track all your Friends in one handy place!

Whether you’re an individual or an organization using Findandremind, you can create a Profile Page that tells your group members fun and interesting things about you, and displays your personal profile photo or logo. The Profile Page is also your portal for building your networks – through friend invitations and recommendations, accessing friends’ pages, and sending private messages.

findandremind profile page

  • Your Privacy is Protected
    At Findandremind, we take privacy and security very seriously, so we make it really easy to choose which info to hide on your profile. And only people on your Friends list or in your Groups can even see your full profile on Findandremind!
  • Send Friend Requests.
    Just click on any of your group members’ names to send a friend request email invitation.
  • Recommend Friends.
    Just click to recommend a friend of yours to someone else.
  • Keep a Friends Page.
    View all your friends’ thumbnail photos in one spot!  Just click to view and contact them!
  • Private Message.
    Just click to send a message to that person!

findandremind friends page

Your Online Personal Profile and Friends pages are like having a personal directory listing that’s private to just your groups and friends. You can display your important milestone dates, VIP links, a personalized description of you or your organization, and personal contact information – and you choose the amount and type of information to share!  At Findandremind, connecting with your family, friends, and activity groups is now just a click away!


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