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Findandremind’s Group Links feature makes it simple to build online communities with the people in your life who share a common interest or belong to the same organization. Examples might include your entire school or church/temple membership, your daughter’s 3rd grade classroom, your son’s soccer team, a charity you’re involved with, your work staff…just about anything!

An online community meeting place and “members only” message center.

What’s really cool about Group Links is that each one you create has its own Online Community Home Page, kind of like a “meeting place” for your group, where you can view or post information to all the Group Link members in one handy spot (but never have to pick up their empty cups like you would at a meeting).  And every home page has a Shared Calendar (see screenshot below) so all the group members stay well-informed.

findandremind shared calendar screenshot

Also use the Notes screen to post important documents for the members to access anytime (like contact numbers, important flyers, etc.). Findandremind makes it easy to broadcast messages to your entire online community – your group – you can even post photos!

Using Group Links to create an online community is incredibly useful for:

  • Busy Families: Share experiences and events with your extended family, or post a photo about a family member’s milestone achievement!  If a member of your extended family falls ill or needs help, keep your whole family posted on their situation, recruit help for meals or driving, and make it easy to schedule them for needed jobs.
  • Coaches or “Team Moms”: Instead of trying to communicate through yelling, distracted children, or frantic phone calls and emails, make sure everyone gets the scoop on uniforms, practices, games and carpools, all in one handy online place.  Post the team’s games and snack duties on the group’s Shared Calendar so no one misses a beat!
  • Teachers or School Admins:  Instead of sending scattered emails to parents about school activities and events, or stuffing cubbies or back packs with school assignments that somehow “magically” get lost…post all the information in one handy secure spot on your classroom/school home page and add your parents to the group to access!
  • Students:  Organize study groups with fellow classmates to centralize communication and easily share information. Post homework assignments, class/school events, photos or flyers, any type of document.
  • Church/Temple Admins: Use Findandremind to communicate with your congregation, find helpers for events, or pass on sympathies and prayers.  The Lord may work in mysterious ways, but your work can be simple!
  • Nonprofit Organizations:  Nonprofit managers can organize their people into working committees, and keep them updated with progress reports, assignments, needs lists, etc.  Great for organizing volunteers and your staff members.

Your own Social Network for your members.  Even link your Groups to your website!

Group Links were designed for maximum versatility to communicate with your members. You have the ability to not only create Private Group Links, but you can also create “Open” Group Links and share with whomever would like to join!  Also, every event and message posted to your Group Links filters down to every group member’s personal Online Calendar and Message Center.  So if there’s a change to any group-related event, your members get the word immediately (not scattered like regular emails) without your having to contact everyone individually – just enter it once and you’re done!

It’s easier than ever to keep all your group members literally on the same page – so why wait?

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