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Findandremind’s free Online Calendar system is the perfect solution for the frazzled family, coach, teacher, or any organization that has to keep track of the “who, when and where” of multiple personal or group activities. Not only do you get an amazing personal Online Calendar to record your own private events, but you can create an unlimited number of Shared Calendars to easily track events for various groups, whether it be your family, your children’s school, sports teams, work staff, you name it!

Here’s what your Private Calendar looks like…

Online Calendar Schreenshot - click to enlarge

An Online Calendar Unlike Any Other…within a social network!

What’s unique about our Online Calendar is that unlike any other system you’ll find, ours was built as part of a social network, specifically for keeping track of all the crazy, sometimes chaotic parts of your home and work life that require coordinating and sharing with others. Say you’ve got three kids, and between them they’ve got five different sports and music activities. Plus there’s your church group, your neighborhood association, the PTA, and your busy office schedule. No write-on calendar can handle all that!

We’ve made keeping track of it all so easy. You can easily store all those team schedules, announcements and flyers that tend to float around, and quickly send events and carpool or volunteer sign up sheets to your calendar, tag them to a family member(s), and notify everyone who needs to know — all in one masterful stroke from your keyboard or click on your smart phone. Then kiss that paper mess goodbye! Also use the cool “Drag ‘n Drop” Calendar Stickies for quick visual recording of common events to your calendar.

Organize Everyone From Your Personal Online Calendar and Shared Group Calendar System!

Here’s a glimpse of a Shared Calendar.  Create one for each group you have!

findandremind shared calendar screenshot

Got word of a schedule change or rain date? Enter it once on your Online Calendar and everyone that’s part of the event is updated automatically. No more missed meeting notices or embarrassing no-shows! Plus, create a Shared Calendar for any group of people (on each Group Link home page, say for a soccer team or office staff), which funnels all your group events down to your personal calendar too!

Click image to view larger version

We put a lot of thought into creating the built-in features that make your life easier. You’ll have several online tools to attach to your calendar – custom e-invitations and flyers, online sign up sheets for volunteers and carpools, to do’s, multi-event schedules, and more!

Your Online Calendar gives you all this!…

  • Quick-Add Events: Simply click a date, enter an event, and even invite others to it.
  • Color-coding: Tag your family members to any event with an assigned color, so you always know “who is doing what” with just a glance!
  • Sort by Groups: Once you get your groups setup, you can choose a Group name and “flip” your calendar to that group’s events.
  • Automatic reminders: Get email and TEXT reminders so you never forget!
  • Automatic updates: When event details change, every guest’s calendar updates automatically and they’re notified!
  • Add a Schedule: Enter a bunch of events at the same time…great for entering a sports schedule, school events, or meetings at the office.
  • Export Events: Easily export to iCal, Outlook, or Google Cal.

Schedule everything with your Findandremind Online Calendar

Until now, you’ve had to depend on your own frazzled brain or multiple calendars and reminder lists to manage all these details. With your Findandremind Online Calendar, enter it once and then let the automated reminders do all the remembering for you. It’s as simple as that!

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