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View all your Reminders and Communications in one handy place, so you’ll never again have to worry about losing track of those little details.

You know how it is – even the most organized person occasionally forgets or loses track of something they needed to do. Whether it’s an RSVP that you never sent, or a request you sent out that never got a response, or a carpool that still needs filling…something falls through the cracks. With your Findandremind Message Center, that won’t happen any more!

The Message Center is where everything you’ve encountered using your Findandremind tools  – Online Calendar, To Do Lists, Group Links, Volunteer Sign Up Sheets, Carpools, Invitations and Announcements, or Schedules and more – all comes together. And everything is pushed out to your email if you choose.

findandremind message center screenshot

Communicating Ease with the Message Center from Findandremind

The Message Center provides a means for direct messages between Findandremind users – just dash off a note whenever you need to. But it’s also a repository for all the other things that may need your attention, whenever you’ve got something pending on Findandremind.  The Message Center will display all these kinds of messages, tagged with cool icons and filters so you can find stuff fast:

  • Private and Group Messages
  • Friend requests
  • Event Invitations
  • RSVP reminders
  • To Do Reminders
  • Calendar reminders
  • Carpool opportunities
  • Volunteer opportunities

Think of the Message Center as having a personal secretary reminding you of everything that’s coming up – but without the annoyance of having someone talking over your shoulder. Bye Bye scattered emails!

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