Introduction to the Online To Do List Tracker

Findandremind’s user-friendly website includes every possible tool one could think of to keep track of important dates, meetings, holidays, and even recurring events as well. Truly an all-in-one schedule manager, the findandremind online organization solution has many different features, including an online to-do list tracker.

findandremind to-do list screenshot

Some of the amazing features of the “to-do” list section include:

  • automatic reminders for current to-do list items
  • the ability to assign tasks to other registered users
  • a search function that makes it easy to search through a long to-do list
  • and the ability to categorize different to-do list items

When registered users assign another register user an item on their “to-do” list, the assigner can sign up to receive an update when the assigned completes the task!

Categories such as: kid’s activity, shopping list, church, errands, family/household, and school make it easy to prioritize items on to-do lists by category.

Other Great To Do List Features

Another great feature about the findandremind site is the ability for registered users to receive personalized information based on their physical location. Users can also organize groups by category: friends/family, school, etc. To-do tasks can be scheduled for members of the group in the to-do section of the website as well! The group feature makes it easy to communicate with multiple people at one time, and is ideal for arranging study groups, church fundraisers, or even children’s play dates.

Once registered, you will be able to create an unlimited number of to-do lists and an unlimited number of tasks for each to-do list. Set up a reminder for any duration and stay organized and prioritized. Users can view their to-do list items all at once, upon selecting “create to-dos” in the left-hand side of the screen.

On the left-hand panel of the website contains all of the controls for the user’s account. From here, users can create their own group, create invitations or announcements, add events quickly, create a schedule, create carpools, create pitch in or fill in, create a blog, create a to-do list, or get help through customer service.

To Do List Reminders

For those who are particularly forgetful or need to remember an event that is extremely important, Findandremind has an option under its “to-do” section for users to be reminded of a particular event. However, the reminder is not required and can be adjusted at any time. It is simply just another way for registered users to stay on top of their schedule, never forget another meeting, and stay more organized!

Findandremind is set up like a virtual pin board, with the calendar, to-do section, message, and group sections in the center of the screen on the user’s dashboard. With tools to help users get involved in their communities and remember their own events, findandremind truly is one of the best online all-in-one calendars available today.

No more carrying your calendar or notebook with you wherever you go! With findandremind’s interactive user interface and exporting options, users can take their appointments and important notes with them anywhere, anytime!

Findandremind is the Ultimate Organizing, Networking, and Coordinating Assistant. It’s completely free to use – all you do is choose a user name and password and confirm with your email address. Give it a try!

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