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Findandremind is the Ultimate Organizing, Networking, and Coordinating Assistant. It’s completely free to use – all you do is choose a user name and password and confirm with your email address. Give it a try!

The “group link” section of the site is perhaps one of the most interactive sections of the site, with registered users able to find the Church or School groups close to their geographic location or create their own groups. Registered users can create private groups of people they know and group them into categories, including: church, school, friends, family, sports teams, etc. Once adding other users to a group, registered users can post messages on the message board for all the group members to view, as well as post blogs, events… even upload photos that will be displayed through a sophisticated slideshow.

One of the best features of the “group link” section of the Findandremind website is the ability to build a home page for each group with ease. On this home page, group members can share event details, photos, blogs, and anything else they deem relevant to that particular group. Users can also view other groups’ information in this section. For example, if another group in a registered user’s geographic area posts an event for a church fundraiser, the registered user can post information to this event as well. This is another way for users to interact within their community.

Findandremind can be the perfect springboard for newcomers into the area to get involved in local community events, or can be a chance for people who may have been too apprehensive before to attend community events. Group members can also help remind other users of important events on their calendar – like their Aunt’s birthday. Findandremind truly is the best solution for those who suffer from disorganization, forgotten birthdays, or other important events. Organize all your contacts in one place with Findandremind, post event details to the group link section, and find new events to attend right in your community – for free! Yes, Findandremind, the best online all-in-one organization tool, is provided to registered users absolutely free of charge! So, forget about taking all those event details written on scrap pieces of paper with you to remember important dates! Use Findandremind and skip all the clutter!

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