I’m a Coach or League Admin and want to setup my team and schedule. How do I do that?

    1. First, hover your cursor over the red CREATE button and choose Group Link to setup a Group Link for your team(s) so you have your own little private home page (like a private website) for the team or league to centralize all communications. Follow the “Creating Your Group Link” instructions under Getting Started.

    1. Click the Add Schedule icon at the top right of the Group Link page.


    1. Then enter all the games and details and click “Save Events” at the bottom.

Add multi event

    1. Now all the games will be posted on the team/league Group Link page, the games are added to each team member’s findandremind calendar, and the schedule is also emailed to everyone! Here’s what it will look like on the Group Link page:

add all

    1. Here’s what the Schedule screen looks like when you click on the games on the Group Link page (under Events & Signups), and then click the Schedule name on the individual game event screen. Now all your team families can track everything effortlessly!


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