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Need help in a hurry? Findandremind’s “Need Help ASAP” feature throws you a lifeline, and stays on top of it until your mission is accomplished!

You know how it goes. Meetings run overtime, traffic ties up, people get sick. Whether that’s happening to you or someone else, suddenly there’s an urgent gap to fill. Findandremind has an awesome little feature designed to find help quickly for last minute requests when you’re short on time.

Instant Setup to Get Help Fast.

Say you are stuck in a meeting and need another parent from your school group to pick up your daughter from school. You have her classmates’ contacts on the school’s home page, so they’re already all in one place on findandremind. You can just blast out your request to the group in a few key strokes. Simply describe your request, choose the number of helpers you need, choose your helpers, and click Send!

findandremind I need help ASAP screenshot

Keep the Heads Up Active.

And like a good emergency responder, our system stays with you through the crisis until it’s resolved. You’ll get instantly alerted when someone accepts, and findandremind notifies everyone else automatically that you found your help.

If you have a need for more than one person – maybe you can’t muster a full team roster and it threatens to cancel a game – you can specify how many are needed and the cancellation won’t go out until all slots are filled. They receive your alert, and as soon as your requested number of helpers accepts, a friendly cancellation notice is sent to the others on the list who didn’t respond in time.

Think about all the time you save not having to make phone calls one by one! And you don’t have to track several responses as you would if you’d used regular email. You get your help quickly, and findandremind does all the follow-up for you!


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