I was invited to a Group Link and signed up with findandremind. Now what?

Getting Started: For New Members of a Group Link
And getting familiar with your findandremind platform
(Groups Links are great to connect your family, a classroom or school, a church/temple, a non-profit org, a sports league, etc. in a secure central place)

So you’ve been invited to a Group Link, or were added to one, and joined findandremind to view the Group Link page of the group. There’s a lot of good stuff at your fingertips now! Take a look below to get acquainted with what’s in your findandremind account:

    1. Your “Command Center”: You now have a complete communication center to view not only the Group Link you just joined, but also coordinate everything in your own life! In it you’ll see your Private Calendar, Message Center, To-do section, and Group Link section, among a slew of “Create” tools.

update center

    1. Your Command Center is your single place to organize all your group links, events, messages, To-do’s, signup sheets, etc. in one handy spot for all your personal stuff, as well as coordinate with the organizations and other groups you’re a member of.

      1. The Group Link you just joined from your organization, or any other other groups or users for that matter, CANNOT see your Command Center. The only place where information is shared is on a Group Link page with the members of that group, and on event Invitation/Announcement screens with the guests of the particular event.

    2. Viewing your Group Links: You’ll see the name of the Group Link you just joined in the bottom right section of your Command Center (see screenshot above). If you click on that group name, you’re taken immediately to the group link page, which shows up directly in your Command Center dashboard.

    3. The Group Link page: This is like a communication “hub”, and only members of the group can view or interact on the group link page. It’s an “intranet” page for your group.

add all

    1. You can also create as many of your own Group Links as you want with the people in your own life too (for your family, school, church/temple, activity group, etc.).

command center Overview

  1. Group Link section: This is the tracking area for all the Group Links you’re a member of, with some handy information about the Groups next to each group name (e.g. group Leader, Category of the group, etc.). Don’t worry, members of one Group Link CANNOT see the other Group Links you have listed unless they are a member of those Groups too.

    group lists

    1. Just click on any of your Group Link names, and you’ll enter that Group Link home page to interact with the group members.

    2. The Group Links with the newest content rise to the top automatically! You can also sort alphabetically, by Leader’s name, etc. by just clicking on the column title.

  2. Calendar: This is where ALL your events show up, both events you create and events that you were invited to, as well as events posted to any of your Groups. What’s really cool about your findandremind calendar is a few things

    create event

    1. When you’re invited to an event by another findandremind Friend or Group Link member, it shows up IMMEDIATELY on your calendar as a link. So when your organization posts an event to its Group Link page, it’s on your calendar in your Command Center too. Just click the link to go straight to the event screen.

    2. When event details are changed by the event organizer, the details on your calendar change IMMEDIATELY…in realtime!

    3. Your Calendar brings in ALL events, not only the ones you save yourself, but also the events posted on ALL the Group Links you’re a member of. We designed your calendar this way so you see everything that could be important to you!

    4. On your calendar you will see all your personal events, as well as all the events posted to your Group Links. We want you to be very organized and find what you want very easily (that’s what findandremind is all about!), so at the top of your calendar you’ll see a “Group Link” button. This button allows you to choose which Group Link’s events to show on your calendar. Just choose a Group Link name, click Apply, and voila!…only the events from that Group Link will show on your calendar! (“blown up” view of calendar below”):


  3. Message Center section: This is the area in your Command Center where all your private messages, group link messages, invitations, To-do’s, reminders, and notifications roll in from all your contacts and Group Links on findandremind

    create Message

    1. Click “Create a Message” to send either a Private or Group message.

    2. To find stuff really easily, there are “filter buttons” in the top right (a lock, green envelope, etc.) that sort by the TYPE of message you’re looking for. You can also sort messages by “who sent it” by clicking ‘People’ in the top left, or search by typing in a keyword.

    3. Just click the first line of a message, and you’ll be taken to the source of the message (e.g. the private message screen, a group link page, an invitation, etc.)

  4. To-do List section: This is the tracking area in your Command Center for all your To-do Lists and individual tasks

    create to-do

    1. Click “Create To-Do’s” to start one. If you enter a Due Date, it will show on your calendar. You can assign To-do’s to others, and they will show up on their calendar too!

    2. Just click on the names of your To-do’s to view your List/Tasks.

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