Did You Know: Why build your friends list?

Did you know that building your Friends list on findandremind makes all your organizing tools “come alive”!?

When all your friends join your findandremind community, it’s so much easier to get organized!…

  1. Creating Groups, sending messages, sharing events…your friends show up in your guest list popup to choose from to invite or contact.  Just choose the friend(s) to invite/contact and get connected with ease!
  2. Carpool Sign Up Sheets: Easily share rides with friends near you! Your carpool invite list will be those friends a certain distance from the dropoff/pickup point!
  3. Findandremind’s new Household Helpers platform is also linked to your friends list! So if your friends have used any of our Helpers in our database and recommended him/her, you’ll know it!
Click Here to learn more!

Get started now! It’s free to join and easy to use!

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