Group Links: Group together areas of your organization

Did you know findandremind is designed to bring together all areas of your organization online in a hierarchy of online groups?

Online Group Links on findandremind create an “intranet homepage” for any area of your organization.  Say you’re a national non-profit organization, and you have chapters in every major city…

1) Easily create a private or public group link homepage for your entire national organization. Each group homepage has Event sharing, a Shared Online Calendar, Notepad, Message Board, Blog, Sign Up Sheets, and more for easy delivery of information to everyone in realtime!

2) Then create “sub-group” homepages for every one of your local chapters in each city. Now you have intranets for each group to share specific information about that particular chapter! The sub-group members will see their group shown on the national group homepage to easily access with a click, and their local group homepage pops up!

3) Now everyone in your organization is connected in realtime at the national and local levels under one online umbrella! All message blasts, events, blogs and more are seamlessly integrated into the social network you’ve created to bring everyone closer together!

Get started now! It’s free to join and easy to use!

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