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With Findandremind’s FREE Online Schedule Maker you can create a schedule of events and related activities with ease…and share it on everyone’s personal or group calendars with a click!

Findandremind’s Schedule Maker enables you to enter an unlimited list of events, all at the same time, on one screen. All the formatting is done – you only have to complete the fields for name, date and location. Once you’re done entering the schedule information, you can send the schedule straight to your Online Calendar with just one click.

The best part? You can share it with the people around you so easily! Once you have your whole group(s) organized on Findandremind, any schedule you create for them becomes such an unbelievably simple operation that you’ll wonder why the whole world isn’t using this. (Actually, we’re hoping someday it will!)  With one click you can post it to your group’s Home Page, and it will also send everyone an email alert to let them know the schedule of events.

findandremind schedule builder screenshot

Another cool feature: Once you enter an address under “Location” for each event, the GPS feature on Findandremind will automatically display the location on a map when they click on the address, and show them directions from the address in their Findandremind profile!

Findandremind’s features are all fully interactive, so once the schedule posts to your Onlne Calendar, the schedule information will then sync with any other personal calendars you maintain.

The Schedule Maker is perfect for entering:

  • Volunteer group meeting schedules
  • Sports schedules (see below for more)
  • Multiple school events
  • Tag schedules to your kids, so it goes to their personal calendars too.
  • Send to individuals or to whole groups from your Group Links.

Change in the schedule mid-season? Change it once in your Online Calendar and everyone gets updated automatically.

Here’s a real life example of Schedule Maker in action:

Click image to view larger version

You’re in charge of food assignments for your church fellowship gatherings this year. Because you already have everyone in the congregation in your Group Link, you can post the schedule you’ve created on your church Group Link home page (you just need everyone’s email address to create the Group Link)! Food assignments can be made in the “Description” field on the Schedule input page. When you post the Schedule, everyone will get an email alert telling them about the events, and they can all see it on the Group’s shared calendar, and on their own personal Findandremind calendars! They’ll get a prompt the day or week before (whenever you set it for), where they’ll see it’s their week and what they need to bring.

Another Example: You’re coaching Little League this year. Two of your four daughters are on the same team. You create a schedule, and tag it to the kids so you always know who are playing in what game. You want to send it out to all the kids’ families. Because you already have them in your team’s Group Link, that’s a one-click operation. Everyone got an email alert telling them about the schedule, and they can all see it on their own Findandremind calendars, as well as the group’s Shared Calendar! No one has to call you to ask where the practice field is – they can see it on a map (screenshot below). All the kids show up for practices and games on time, with proper attire, and you’re a happy coach!

Findandremind will display all your scheduled locations (ex. sports games for an entire season) on one easy to use, interactive map

findandremind's event schedule map

Using an online schedule maker just doesn’t get any easier than this.

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