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Have you ever missed your son’s soccer game, your daughter’s school play, your husband’s promotion party, or your own hair salon appointment? With so many of us holding full-time jobs, juggling our children’s extracurricular activities, and managing our own events, it’s no wonder why calendars are relied on more than ever. With so many online calendar programs available online, it is now easier than ever to take your calendar with you on the go!

Findandremind offers an online calendar solution for all those forgotten meetings, and hard-to-remember events. Best of all: the software is absolutely free of charge! All you have to do is create an account to get started!

Feature-Rich, Free Calendar Software

Users can set reminders about certain events, group them by category, and even include other users or members of a group in the reminders set for events. For example, if you have a group meeting at work, your co-workers can register on the site, and you can set a reminder for the group to remember the meeting.

Another useful feature is the option to repeat events either on a weekly basis, biweekly, monthly, etc. Input Uncle Joe’s birthday information into the findandremind calendar, set it to repeat every year on the same date, and never forget his birthday again!

Under the “create a schedule” tab on the left-hand side of the dashboard, users can add multiple events at one time, saving time and eliminating the need to add each event separately. Similarly, registered users can also “quick add” events to their calendar as well.

Using this option, users can enter the name of the event, a description, location, date, time, and can set the event to repeat. Users can also set a reminder for their guests for the event, and can add guests to the event as the wish using the “quick add” event option. Once guests are added to an event, they can comment on the event with any changes to the schedule, etc. The user creating the group event can also choose to automatically notify guests via email when comments are posted about the group event.

From the dashboard section of the website once a registered user has logged in, he or she can do the following:

  • create group links
  • create invitations and announcements
  • quick-add events
  • create a schedule
  • create a carpool
  • create a pitch in or fill in
  • create a blog post
  • create a to-do list
  • find answers to questions in the help center.

Your findandremind online calendar can be as customized as you want, with the option to add pictures, your location, and the ability to receive updates from other groups in your local area. With all these time-saving features provided absolutely free, findandremind is the top-of-the-line winner for free online calendar software available.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t forget any birthday, company meeting, office party, holiday, or important event again!


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